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Anything else (not TMNT) that finds it's way into my favs is completely based on it's own merits and perhaps my interest into the psychology and motivations of art itself as it moves me. Also, stamps rock my world!
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Absolutely adorable! Now, some might call Raph oddly behaved in this-- but, I think you really hit the nail on the head. Raphael is bra...

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"Anything Less than my personal best is failure" - Dottie K.

I separate my fanfics into different folders for a reason. Most of it is to make your time browsing my Gallery more pleasant. I also try to warn well and often without giving away my entire plot. Often Groups I have submitted my deviation to will give you a clue, also I try to make it obvious that I LIKE to talk in depth about ideas and fiction writing.
Still if you really like my work...
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I seem not to inspire fanart *wibble* :iconbrokenheartplz:
But, Comment or no reply! Link me to a tagging journal & I'll get to it!





Sirah or Ella
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I am over 35 years old so feel free to discuss anything with me. I have a May 2006th cubscout/son, and nursing a July 2011 daughter. They keep me busy despite my wanting to start a non-profit, learn to knit lace or just sell Mary Kay. Other than a no-nonsense tongue trained with to help by The Community Helpline at the age of 18, I really am a caring individual who respects the privacy of shy and concerned individuals.
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Especially appreciated is any comment about my writing-- if you notice a grammar flaw, a characterization that weakens the story or a storyline inconsistency-- :megaphone: PLEASE TELL ME!!
I appreciate all responses and egging on with ideas you think deserve to be pursued further. If you don't tell me otherwise I'll think I'm doing things perfectly (wrong)!

My OC's play well with others(even the Blanket)! Just tell me what ya wanna do to them first!

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If I :+favlove: or :+devwatch: you--there is no need to thank me. You have already thanked me by making your lovely Deviation available! Now Shoo! Get back to work. *whipsh!*

I'm Sirah.Morgan on Skype/Facebook and oraclesparkle on YIM, Pahgan on AIM, allSirah on
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If anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please immediately seek help. You can speak with a skilled, trained counselor at a national Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7 — call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Favorite genre of music: Classical, Harpsichord, Many?, Favorite style of art: not sure, emotive and detailed, Skin of choice: Human-- ?~?, Favorite cartoon character: Donatello! duh., Personal Quote: Walking barefoot on eggshells hurts as the young never learn to fly when the nest is sullied.


oh my god guys, 

living all this out has been crazy. i'm going to have to get a SECOND set of marriage license and birth certificates as my ex-roommate kept my things and hid them in order to help control me-- then invited me to move back with her! So, poo not just yet where I need to be but, I am happy. I have a sudden change of life and skill sets that have resulted in the term Prophet Ella becoming real. I am now a Prophetess for a local pastor and happily respected by his ministry- mostly this means reminding the man to care for himself so he can care for others. This basically means I am psychic and able to discern medical issues with a quick scan and even blessed with being able to discern other things without looking into cracking out the Zombie Tarot deck I now own! I would love to offer readings for the cheap $40 a pop but let me get my head on straight after the weekends fiasco with a seizure medicine--- I got higher than a kite, lol! Worse it hit me like a set of bricks on the downer side.

I STILL have not gotten contact with the kids... my husband is pulling parental alienation crap and digging himself a very deep hole to crawl into. Only, I remember now that he used to keep my old meds which disrupted my memory in the lineup with my current prescriptions. I know this was meant to do what is done with Seroquel out here in bar attacks--- to use as a drug that caused agreeableness and forgetfulness.... as my husband tried to get me sent home with Seroquel last year and only my own personal determination to have something permanently controlling my seizures kept it from becoming the med I went home on from a psych ward he convinced EMT's to drive me too. As it was he basically ambushed and nearly pushed me into forced sex in the first hour home because I was now finally whatever he could possibly want.... the person he proposed to and would forget his bullshit, or the woman he drugged into forgetting to disagree and took to the swinger circuit as his entry fee. This will never be admissible as a concern in court as I cannot prove allegations of past abuses going back to my son's 4th month--- nearly 10 years ago.

I love you all and hope you will continue to share my stories and vote over which shall be finished by commenting on each story. Love to you all and expect my life to be safe and protected by the aide agencies I had enrolled with (before losing my ID!). I was forced to delay my walk while an incident report of the reaction I had to the most recent attempt at medicating my seizures was picked apart. Boy-- some drugs should never be introduced to my system! 

I also would LOVE suggestions for people to take on my groups that I own and things I just cannot miss going on in the fandom.
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Raphael raced the rooftops, too grim to smile at the feel of the wind and open sky.  Still the wind felt good and the open air much better than the heavy closeness of the new lair. Raphael hadn't realized how the feel in the new lair always held stiffness and tightening the cords of his muscles. His leaps grew as the night lengthened and the bottles around him grew heavier.

Back in the Lair, Splinter held himself in deep meditation. Out at the edges of his other senses, a dark flicker occurred and danced away as he tuned his awareness to it. The thing left obvious markers and although lost to his awareness, the old rat turned his attention to the new home around him. These new traces were easily followed and tracked across the lair in multiple alarming tracks, fewer in the upper levels but, also present there. Another flicker occurred on the first level and Splinter bought his awareness t his body with a gasp. Standing up, he dashed from the room, past a startled Leonardo who resheathed his sword and hurriedly followed him.

Ignoring his eldest's cry, Splinter held up a hand for silence and quietly entered Donatello's abode, the smell and energy emanations of his son's machines made the traces here more difficult to find.

"We may be able to rely on close approximations of herbs needed but, I'm not sure if that will affect things when we start fighting with the smoke involved. Perhaps storing the smoke to make it aimable..." Donatello's murmured voice cut off as he picked up his mug and took a sip, giving a surprised grimace. "Ew, Raph? Did the walnut hazelnut get soaked in that flooding? This coffee is horrible."

Splinter's eyes sharpened as Donatello gave a regretful shake of his head and put the mug down next to the invisible traces Splinter had followed. His nose twitched as he stealthily leaned in to sniff the coffee, eyes flicking to Leonardo as he quietly whispered, "Two sterile containers from the medbay, now."

To his credit, Donatello looked up at the quiet whisper, "Dad? What is it?" His eyes betrayed his sudden unease at the rat hovering over his coffee. "Yeah, Raph. Splinter's in the room, uh, checking on me. Continue the mission." He hit two keys on the keyboard and a red 'x' appeared on a speaker symbol in the corner of the computer screen. He stilled into battle readiness, fingers poised on the headset as Leonardo handed their Sensei two open basins that equipped his medical supplies.

"The only thing that came to my awareness stopped here. Next to where I presume you have been keeping your mug?" Donatello nodded as his eyes widened and his tongue made an appearance as he licked the roof of his suddenly dry mouth. "I see..." Splinter turned on a small bench lamp and pointed it into the larger basin. Without another word, Splinter took the mug and slowly poured the contents into the wider basin. The thin layer of coffee soon gave way to a collection of milky clots, dropping into the thin layer of coffee with small splashes, the bottom clot breaking into wiggly unwanteds.

Donatello exploded into action, whipping off the headset and yanking the other basin from Splinter's limp grasp to curl over the container a small distance away in dry heaves that eventually produced results. Leonardo simply pushed the basin further from the light of the  computer screen and gingerly settled into the chair still warm from his brother's shell. At Splinter's pointing out of the two keys Donatello had hit, Leo removed his swords to sit back in the chair,  swallowed dryly, and adjusted the headset. Triggering the headset, Leonardo winced at Raphael's urgent voice and quietly announced himself.


Raphael's head whipped around, eyes visualizing the far away Lair, "Leo? What the shell are you doing on? Where's Pop?" Not the most stealthy level of tones in a Roman Catholic Church ever produced after dark, Raphael belatedly lowered his voice as he hissed his concerns into the darkness. "What the shell is that racket in the background, Leo? And where's Donnie?" Raphael felt his brow furrow into a scowl as the reply came to him.

"We, uh, relieved him of duty to let him deal with--" the sound of intense vomiting became obvious and clear as Leo paused in the touchy subject.  "Well, we know that our enemy can spread rot and infestation with it's presence." The soft tone of sympathy, all Leo in the darkness of the alcove around Raphael.

"Dammit, always teased him about his addiction to that swill." Raphael winced as the mic picked up too many details and even Splinter's voice soothing his smartest brother in his distress.  Not all that surprising, now that he understand what the background noise meant and Leo's softly nauseated tone. "I'm nowhere near done, Leo. Do I need to head home?" He instinctively leaned to hear Leo over the background noises.

"No," that came through clearly, although the mic must be set too far from Leo's mouth to bring his voice up to cover the coughing in the background. "We need to set protections around the Lair. This thing can go anywhere without bringing attention to itself. It rotted the milk right IN Donnie's coffee. You know he pours it here." A soft tenor of anticipated violence tinged Leo's voice, and Raphael grinned.

"We'll get it. Nothing gets to touch Donnie's coffee and get away with it. Just ain't done. Right?" He clearly heard Splinter's voice call his older brother. "I got this. Go help with Donnie, then check Mikey, okay?" He heard a snort and acceptance before the jiggled static of the headset being removed cutoff mid-noise. "And then there were two..." Sighing softly, Raphael heard a light fabric rustle and turned swiftly to put eyes on the noise.

A small moccasin pulled back into shadows and reunited with a dark bulk with bright eyes. "Aw, shit," the intensely guilty comment just slipped out. Raphael felt truly happy Leonardo wasn't on the mic anymore as the turtle realized he had just been revealed to none other than a nun. "Um, hey, just here raiding the Holy Water for some weird az-ah, stuff at home. I know I look weird..." His voice trailed off as the woman stepped into a beam of light, revealing an obvious bump held by a protective grasp and his eyes widened just as round.

A soft voice murmured into the darkness around them, "Madre de Dios, it's true."
Demon in the Sewers 5
Wow, this has been burning a hole in the back of my head and rewritten three times... finally my favorite Halloween get-up made it in with no excuses-- yup.. it's a pregnant nun! She has her reasons. You don't get to find out until to Chapter 6 though.. and I'm one sentence into that. Freedom is lightly stalled because Friday hubbie wouldn't let me talk to our middle girl since he was busy with a newborn! Congrats on the new baby to my Ex's!

I have no clue how long this segment is... nor do I know what Viacom would think of this little fun. I know the Little Snot is Quite disappointed by Splinter ruining his toxic fun! Good thing dad does action not just observation. Huh Donnie?

No Mikey here and likely not in the next... but, Raph is dealing with things he'll soon understand are beyond actual understanding... shouldn't have volunteered for that room either buddy!
Glad to share this once finally free and lightly trained in exorcism and necessary herbs for such things! I'll say White Cedar has helped for out seizures, White Sage helps level my mood and Sweetgrass is a lovely scent and letting people burn these out o the street has brought in amazing things for them. One witness told me a little cedar I gave out to a homeless man had him awake after a 15 minute nap and he called his father and was picked up from the streets in an hour.
i keep these herbs with me constantly now.

Teaser prep section is here: Halloween Special
Part 2 here: 2nd Part Halloween Special 
Third part if practically able to stand alone and needs contest votes! 2014 Halloween Special Contest Entry! 3/?
Fourth Chapter here: 

Demon in the Sewer 4/?

6 Soon!
Michelangelo looked around the room, eyes spilling small tears. The large tears had gone long ago. He held the box with the eggs close, almost afraid to put them down to pick up the things he needed. The eggs were nestled on a small pile of protective things; his leather wallet laid out flat and bumpy upon his playstation, his old GamerTech shirt, a remnant of his last job from before his marriage, camouflaging the bank papers and cards he would need. Still, he put them down next to the toilet and fetched the final bundle of baby things he had saved from under the sink.
Gently laying out the soft things upon the warm eggs and then tucking the toys brought from his mom on top, he sighed gently and gathered the heavy box to his carapace. He glanced down the hall at the art studio, certain whatever he'd left out would be slashed. Thankfully, most of his clients had accepted his story of a busted pipe and taken the half finished paintings away with his promises to finish them. He hoped he'd have a new studio soon. He knew he'd sent away everything else of consequence. 

Surprising, since the house still seemed a cluttered mess. 
Welcome to Sirah Morgan's Freedom!  
Yes, I'm STILL ProphetElla BUT, I've had some mega changes in my life and wanted to gather my friends again. As Always, I Answer to my name on Fb. Right now, my husband and I are working on a divorce by way of my attempt to remove the kids from the household the day I moved to a domestic violence shelter-- alone... All else here that follows will be a reflection on REAL events and the victims of domestic violence I have met out here on the streets. Mature content is an inevitability.

I WILL include one character death-- but the guys will make it and half of you hate that chick anyways-- this reflects the large percentage of women who either kill themselves in domestic abuse situations or even after realizing their peril return once tooo often. Recently, in Las Vegas, a woman attempted to receive a TPO = restraining order and on return after it was denied-- her husband killed her and their children. This is one reason I have not attempted to return home after the one attack while holding my youngest-- prayers are welcome, pity and questions not so much-- I can't answer beyond--
Yes, I have been in shelter(s), no I refuse to join the land of statistics and aggravate that man I married by making contact. ANY CONTACT with him or my beloved babies. The horror stories told herein are true and yes i am downloading my other stories to complete. But, give me time, I have to find my kids as they moved out of the apartment this week to an unknown location. Reality is going to have a lot of pull on this story. And I'm still REALLY at RISK for being homeless despite finding a new bed to lay my head. Looks like I don't get to share July 22nd with my neediest baby, Cricket. Pray for my lil Savannah to know momma loves her.

But, The Fourth of July was awesome. I bought a new rollie suitcase, got $20 for trading out the old one on the side of the street in full view of a casino, met up with a friend I'd already eaten meals with, entered a WATERMELON eating Contest and had ribs and sweet potato fries for 2 while trying to beg a true hick to rewrite Victorian theme novels into hillbillies (Jane A_____ being my main suggestion after family stories were shared). I got through 9 pieces of watermelon in 2 minutes flat-- easily saved myself 10 bucks on nummy goodness there. It's been a wonder of a ride.. but, there's no way off this roller coaster and I am not going to jump for it. I'll hold my babies again but for now.. here is my grief for all to see.
Hellloooo Fannndommm!

Well, a few personal friends on Skype know this and how to contact me... not like I've tried to be subtle, only on skype as my nextbook has maxed it's memory and seems to dislike pidgin. 

Buuut... i've run away from home, been basically homeless since June 2nd and now am waiting for my SSI disability benefits to dump into my account at the 4th of the month. It's been a grand adventure and who knows when I'll write a new story... though the ideas abound out here! I had to come thank the fandom for the comedy nomination, encourage reading my Adult items in Prophetella on AO3 and send hugs to the harassed in the fandom. Seriously, I've been less bummed having to find a shelter than coming online and finding things flagged!

I am seperated from my three children but, believe them to be safe with the Husband of Evil. He only hated me.. never the kids-- he was just neglectful about them. It was more an emotional abuse than physical situation but even people with only a little time around me notice the odd speech patterns that resulted from a strike to the head (actual karate chop motion from early September of this year) but, my typing isn't slowed down by anything other than this weak ass keyboard on this Nextbook. 

Okay, NO I cannot go back to the old apartment... YES, I worry about my kids but, need to focus on me for now to give them a home to join me in. And Don't ASK anything about my kids... I start crying, okay? I live at a church shelter nights, get help with an behavioral adult day care location in the heat of the day and eat pretty good for never having to cook a thing! I only get limited wifi.. but, looking into my own place just after fourth of july to move into.

I am SAFE, FED, WATERED and KEPT COOL enough for survival and those who Actually live on the street LIKE, ACCEPT and HELP ME with every question and with every fiber of their being. I get to see amazing grassroots singers and need to keep all this OFF FACEBOOK. It's better a lawyer informs the hubbie rather than he gets a headsup. I'd rather keep all friendships and support listed here and here being a place  could direct friends with helpful questions. I am tired of not being sure who is a mutual friend of my hubbie's that I can trust.

It is rather interesting to realize you LIVE WITH Saki and Krang in the bedroom facing yours. But, I won't put myself into arms reach unless I have police escort. Love to all of you, appreciate those who love you and call the National Domestic Abuse hotline if you plan to run away or need help understanding why bending over backwards for an a$$hole never works.

1-800-799-SAFE NDAH-- PEACE!
  • Listening to: 5 sound sources
  • Reading: Bibles, lots of them
  • Watching: sorry ficcing support was deleted off AO3
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  • Eating: Whatever I get
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